Ok, so I couldn’t decide today.  Between the three that I was deciding on, Liz liked #1, myself #2, and hannah #3.  So, for the day, you get all three.  Thanks for looking…

the pantry

the pantry

iso 100 | 18mm | 5.6mm | 1/320sec
hotel figueroa #1

hotel figueroa #1

1s0 100 | 18mm | f5.6 | 1/320sec

hotel figueroa #2

hotel figueroa #2

iso 100 | 18mm | f5.6 | 1/320sec

  1. i do like all three. And I think I would have liked #3 alot more if it weren’t for the purple building. looks like a giant concrete barney. *shudder* LOL. so much for critique huh?

    I may have picked #1 because I was hungry and breakfast at the pantry sounded really good. bahahaha.

    Ok, seriously. They are ALL amazing in its own way and all deserve to be spotlighted here. can’t wait to see tomorrow’s pic(s).

  2. a concrete barney? shame on you, liz! hahahaha. this is fabulous, george!!! again… the “height” of your photos drives me crazy! in this one, that tree that appears almost “drawfed” in front of the buildings is so dramatic to me. hahaha. LOVE this!

  3. oh… and the 1st one is breathtaking. but the creative angle and the perspective of #2 won me over. taken at a different angle, the pattern that the windows and stairways create all the way to the top of the building would have had your eye all over the place… but the perspective you put on it gives it a PERFECT visual flow. great work! wow

  4. i knew amanda was going to pick #2. I do TOTALLY agree with the point she made about the angle – so insightful. so….DITTO DITTO!!!

    • h
    • January 16th, 2009

    very cool and different shots, hard to choose!!!! 🙂

  5. i can def. see why you had a hard time choosing from this group of photos!! every one of them are amazing in their own way but really, #2 won me over, I just can’t get over the perspective!!

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