The images below do have a common theme underlying. besides close-ups, they are all taken within the confines the Young’s Market Building. You’ll find that this building is a recurrings subject because, well… it’s home. Though it was converted into just over 40 loft units in 2002 and houses a Michael’s Furniture on the ground floor, it retains quite a bit of it’s original details. New details which I have yet to capture are the graffiti that appears on the walls in the alley on a weekly basis. Thankfully, there is a mystery painter who appears in the middle of the night and repaints the wall, usually within a day or so. You don’t see him (or her) but you know they are there, kinda like the tooth fairy. What? Tooth fairies don’t exist??? i don’t believe you!

westward ho

westward ho

iso 200 | 85mm | f16 | 1/160sec
off the chain

off the chain

iso 200 | 135mm | f5.6 | 1/125sec

the way out

the way out

iso 200 | 85mm | f1.8 | 1/100sec
  1. WOW these shots are AMAZING. I especially LOVe the chain one. too stunning for words!!!!

  2. well, to my daughter, the tooth fairy will definitely exist… but my son… he was visited by the tooth *dude*. the tooth dude is way cooler and apparently gives a LOT more money! hahahhaha. i love all of these!!! the view is amazing!!!! and i LOVE those kind of windows! the one wiith the exit sign… the colors are sooo cool!!!

    • h
    • February 6th, 2009

    talk about being behind… (hand raised!)… on posting…

    great perspective- love all of these! especially the chain. you know i go nuts for closeups of metal and hardware.

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