Kind of snuck up on me that it’s been a month since I started posting.  It’s been fun and enlightening and at the same time demanding and even stressful.  But there is no trade-off for the subjects that I otherwise have bypassed without the pressure of meeting the quota.   And all the rejected photos taken can only give way to better quality images in the future, right? right??

Ok, moving on.  I’ve got two shot for today.  I initially took the shot of the yellow daisies(?) for today’s post.  But when I saw my dad’s latest calligraphy piece, well, I really wanted to share.  His skill in Chinese calligraphy is truly amazing.  I know that i am biased but when I hear Chinese calligraphy framers (dudes who frame these pieces) say that his work looks like that if a much older and experienced scholar, well it doesn’t much surprise me. You see it takes only a few seconds to write a character, but a lifetime to perfect it. You can’t help but to notice the strength and precision in the strokes of each character. Wow!  This particular piece talks about obedience to parents.  If you are ever curious, look into confucious.  Btw, my parents are where my sister Liz gets all her awesome artistic abilites from. ;D

Chinese calligraphy (O.T. Lee) "Obedience to Parents"

Chinese calligraphy (O.T. Lee) "Obedience to Parents"

yellow daisies (?)

yellow daisies (?)

    • liz
    • February 10th, 2009

    dude. wow. love both of them, but especially LOVe the first one. WOW. this is good. really good. LOVE the vantage point – it showcases dad’d calligraphy perfectly!

  1. very nice shot of the calligraphy!! i love the angle 🙂

    • h
    • February 16th, 2009

    both are amazing, but the first is too special to not be a favorite. very lovely tribute to dad’s work and your relationship! you guys both inherited loads of talent, obviously.

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